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Article 13 of the D.LGS. 30 June 2003, N. 196
According to the following article the personal details are:
a) treated in a permitted and correct manner;
b) collected and registered for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes; and are used in all operations and treatments that are compatible with such purposes;
c) correct and if necessary up to date;
d) relevant, complete and not surplus for the purpose for which they have been collected and used;
e) kept for a period of time which permits the individuals personal details only to be used for the purpose for which they have been collected.
1) All personal private details which have been collected by telephone, internet…related to ethnic origin, religion, political opinion, state of health and sexual orientation will be treated by SRL, Caorle (VE), Via Traghete 118/3/G,  P. IVA 02902940275.
C.C.I.A.A OF Venice with n…02902940275…..for the following purposes
a) distribution of the services requested, for example by internet or any other services which are eventually requested
b) maintenance and technical assistance relative to the links and products and/or of utilities and/or services
c) management of possible complaints and/or contentious situations
d) E-mail communications of commercial nature even used for booking requests and/or and / or information to our clients and/or further companies and/or private individuals enrolled in out mailing list who refer to us
e) credit recovery.  Such details could be treated, as well, other individuals in the necessary limits only for the purpose that they are used in the execution and/or continuation of the requested services.  
2) Treatment will involve card support (contracts, acts, letters) electronic support for example PCs, software and other electronic utilities which are used for the handling.
3) The conferring of the details is compulsory and the refusal of their supply, as also the inexact and incomplete supply of them, could lead to a total or partial lack or the continuation of the contract and the relationship.
4) The supplied details could be diffused for a commercial purpose, and so, could be distributed with more than one method of communication. (e-mail, telephone).  Other than the services already offered, the details can be sued by similar services;
a) promotional initiatives for products and/or services by;
b) the transference by SMS, e-mail and/or telephone systems of advertising material, informative and commercial information;
c) sales activity and of indirect and direct placement by different selling methods;
d) interactive communications of commercial nature;
e) client satisfaction concerning the quality of the services offered. (even concerning third parties);
f) promotional product initiatives and/or societies of third parties;
g) market research statistics and reviews;
Details can also be communicated to:
h) subjects which are involved with defensive investigations as regarding the normative 7 December 2000. n. 397;
i) subjects which distribute  banking and financial services
j) subjects which distribute services for the acquisition, the recording, and the treatment of details recovered from documents and supports supplied and originated from the same clients
k) subjects which are involved with the activities of transport and sorting of the general correspondence.
5) The owner of the treatments is SRL, Caorle (VE), Via Traghete, 118 /3 /G , P. IVA 02902940275, registered in the association of businesses C.C.I.A.A. Venezia with n…02902940275
6) The responsible of the treatment is Antonio Benatelli.
7) At all and any moment, you can make use of your rights , according the normative of art. 7 D.Lgs n. 196/2003 which for your satisfaction we will reproduce entirely.
Legislative normative n.196/2003, Art 7.  Right of access to personal details and other rights
1) The interested party has the right to obtain confirmation of the existence or not, of the personal details which concern him, even if they are not  yet registered and their communication in an intelligible manner.
2) The interested party has the right to obtain instructions:
a) concerning personal details;
b) concerning the aim and formality of the treatment
c) concerning the logic applied in the case of effectuated treatment with the assistance of electrical instruments
d) concerning the particulars identified by the owner, the responsible parties and the representative appointed according to article 5, comma 2;
e) concerning the subjects and the category of subjects to whom the personal details could be communicated or which can be known as the representative appointed to the State’s territory of responsible parties and in charged parties. 
3) The interested party has the right to obtain:
a) the up to date service, the rectification and the integration of the details
b) the cancellation, the transformation in an anonymous manner and the block of the used details in violation of the law, included those of which it is not necessary the conservation in relation to the aims for which the details have been collected and treated;
c) the certification that the operations of letters a) and b) have been brought to attention as to regards what is stated in these.  Except the case in which the procedure reveals to be impossible and brings a  responsibility which differs respect to the stated rights.
4) The interested party has the right to oppose or partially oppose:
for legitimate reasons concerning the treatment of personal details which involve them when impertinent to the aim of the compilation;
of the treatment of personal details which regard the aim of posting advertising material of direct sales or for market research and commercial communication.